City AM – Bushin (Martial Spirit), Barker’s venture, is based upon a mixed martial arts style which he developed himself, incorporating the usual self-defence focused combat techniques with meditation, massage and “internal energy” exercises to develop the mind, body and spirit as a whole. “People think martial arts are akin to Alex Reid-style cage fighting but they’re not – all of them have their roots in self defence, which is so important in London”, says Barker. – The class made for a great workout, and for someone like me who finds normal aerobics-type classes mind-numbingly dull, it was good to have to concentrate hard so I hardly noticed the physical effort. My aching muscles the next day, however, proved what effective exercise it was. All in all, I would highly recommend Bushin both to beginners and those with some previous martial arts experience. Don’t be put off if you’re a girl either – if I managed it, you can!

Panorama – City’s warrior. Financial analyst by day; Bushin Sensei by night. From Monday to Friday, Cailey Barker walks down to London headquarters where he covers commodity stocks till the closing bell. Then, he takes off his suit to dress a Japanese Kimono, being a master of Bushin, a martial art he himself invented. Bushin stands for “The spirit of the warrior”.

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Recommended. Bushin has been a real eye opener, it’s a great way to keep in shape, learn about self defence and most importantly really enjoyable. The classes really do make sure you work to your level and limits, under excellent instructors. I would recommend it to anyone, especially those who have never thought about doing a mixed martial art before. Adam

Top Class! Just getting back into martial arts training again after a 5 year haitus and found Bushin. Great instructors and a superb location – I’d recommend it to anyone! Oliver

Great confidence booster! I have to say, since joining, my confidence has shot up, and I definately have more faith in my own abilities now, MUCH more than before. It’s taught me a lot about self defence using varied methods, covering most, if not all, bases, and is brilliant for improving ones awareness. Great for increasing one’s stamina as well! It’s a good place to keep fit and generally exercise the whole body, AND your mind. Excellent fun, too, with a class of friendly students, and very approachable instructors; I’d recommend Bushin to anyone. 🙂 Aeron

Total flow. Bushin has been a truely great mixed martial arts experience for me. Top-tier professional instructors. A defensive-offensive structure once mastered – not to be questioned with but admired for its seemles flow. Mohammed

Fun and varied. As someone with little to no martial arts experience I found joining a martial arts class was very daunting however at Bushin I found it really easy to settle in. The classes are fun and varied with little room for boredom! So glad I gave it a go. Lisa

Addicted. For a while I had been looking for a sport that would involve a good deal of exercise and would differ from all the sports I had practised before. After noticing a Bushin flyer by chance at the Queen Mother Sports Centre I decided to give it a try (I had no experience in martial arts). After a couple of months, I m totally addicted to it. It is very demanding physically, but there is also a psychological dimension to it, which makes it even more appealing to me. On top of that, the classes are good fun with friendly people and I always have a great time. Yann

Effective street defence. I had an experience not to be forgotten last week when I was with some friends out in town, like any other week we met up and went for a meal and it was time to go home. I was with a friend at the time and nearly approaching my car when 2 youths approached us asking for my car keys or they will stab us. For a split second I remembered the words of my Sensei Cailey Barker that the best form of defence is offence and before the youth finish the sentence my friend and I launched at the 2 youths and neutralised the situation. Immediately after about 15 youths started running towards us with belts and baseball bats and started wildly swinging the belts at us, I remembered from our Bushin training when fighting multiple opponents to keep constantly moving so your opponent does not surround you and that’s what I did and I tried to stay calm and keeping my guard at all time. Thankfully I managed to come out of the situation safe and unharmed and this is testimony to the Bushin training and considering I have only been training in martial arts for 7 months it shows how effective Bushin is. Tamer

Highly recommended! Despite being an effective, combat based martial art. Bushin is one of the least testosterone driven, egotistical martial arts organisations that I have been to. The instructors are humble, kind and encouraging. When they demonstrate techniques, even a person with no prior training can tell that they are in well experienced hands. The students, equally as kind and encouraging, are great fun to be around. Bushin is an awesome fusion of fun, fitness and effective martial arts, all at your own pace. I. Gannon

Excellent. I have been training there for a couple of weeks now and I have had loads of fun. There is a good mix of different types of techniques to learn and we even get to hit pads, excellent for taking frustration out on if nothing else! The art itself is a good mix of lots of different styles, making it a good all round art and I will definitely be training there as much as I can.‎ Jason

Great Class! I picked up a flyer for this at the centre and decided to try a class. It was brilliant! A good hard workout, lots of fun and really useful self defense. The instructor certainly seems to know his stuff. Definitely be going back for more.‎ Snoopstar

Fantastic. Fantastic class and brilliant teacher! NOT TO BE MISSED! jkoniak

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