Bushin – The Joy of Gradings

With the final grading of 2017 coming up, let me be a bit of a weirdo and just come out with it. I love taking part in gradings. Before you give me/your screen a strange look like “he is crazy”, let me explain why. For the record, I am fairly sure Sensei Cailey loves them […]

Bushin – Fight Night Viewings

Hi guys, For those who came to our Fight Night, the moment you have all been waiting for (or not) has arrived! Videos are now prepped and ready for those who attended to view in all their glory. I will shortly be sending out an email to those who came along the link to ALL […]

Bushin – DK Yoo Weekend Trip!

Last weekend Kevin and Ananya had the lucky chance to go to a DK Yoo weekend seminar and experience how fast this man is in real life! If you don’t know who he is, check him out on Youtube, he is lightning fast. It is always nice to see Bushinites venturing out, learning different skills […]

Bushin – 2018 Calendar

Hi guys, The 2018 Events calendar is now ready to be announced! Dates are below, but you can also find them on our Join Us section of the site as well! As you can see, we have really tried to jam pack next year’s calendar with even more stuff to do so 2018 is looking […]