Thinking of joining and have some questions? Check out answers to our most common ones below! Any further questions, just send us an email at info@bushin.co.uk and we will get back to you!

1. Do I need to be fit or strong?

No. Bushin is for all shapes and sizes and we adapt training to you so you will become your own unique streetfighter who can adapt to any situation, against any number of people, armed or not. The system is designed so you can pick it up easily. Fitness comes with training and you will discover you’ve become fitter through regular training as Bushin is a high intensity exercise.

2. Will I get injured?

Bushin is a safe training environment for everyone. We have a mix of men and women and we always take into account individual skill levels. Accidents are very rare and fighting is done in a very controlled manner. Classes are supervised by our expert instructors who are all first aid trained. 

3. How do I progress?

Bushin has a comprehensive training syllabus that aims to transform you into a complete streetfighter. For more details of this, see our Training page. To develop and build on your skills, Bushin has a grading system to enable you to test your skills under pressure.

Depending on ability and with regular training Black Belt is attainable within 4 years.

4. Do you teach kids?

No. We are an adults only class and you need to be over 18 years old to train with us.

5. What do I wear? What do I need to bring?

To get started just wear your normal gym kit and trainers and you will get a Bushin Tshirt when you join. We mainly use MMA gloves and focus pads and provide these for you to get started; after a while you buy your own. If you have some already please bring them along! The sports centre has shower facilities.

6. How big are the classes?

The classes contain typically 12-15 students with an even split of men and women. We have up to 4 instructors in the class at one time – this means you get an extremely high amount of personal tuition which is a great advantage for you.

7. How do I pay? Is there a contract?

For your convenience, monthly training fees are paid by direct debit, taken at the beginning of the month. Your first payment will include the joining fee. There is a 3 month contract as we like you to get your feet wet and progress through your first grading. After this period we just ask for a month’s notice if you wish to cancel for any reason.