Bushin – Nailing The Essex Seminar

Saturday 25th March 10am marked the official start of Bushin’s first forays out of our home club in Victoria, London and into Essex. Noak Hill Sports Centre was to be the venue for the inaugural Bushin Essex Self Defence Seminar and what a seminar it was. With the perfect mix of locals and the very kind existing Bushinites coming down to help out, we had an absolutely jam packed 2 hour seminar where I taught some effective self defence in typical Bushin style.

Just so we have a proper write up of what we covered for those who came along, check out some notes below:

  1. Situational awareness and boundary setting: self defence starts not with the flying fists, but with being aware of your surroundings and being comfortable with your personal space by setting a mental boundary around you. Anything outside of this boundary and all is fine. Anything inside this boundary, you might have to do something about it. Remember that depending on where you are and who is around, this boundary might change. For example, if you were in a dark alley at night, and there was a shifty looking person there, you would want a large area of personal space. If you were on public transport, you might be used to having someone pressed right up close to you.

    It is always worth bearing in mind that if you can, avoid situations that make you uncomfortable in the first place. Get a weird feeling about the alley? Avoid it and take a different safer route. Something in the atmosphere feels off in a packed club on a Friday night? Considering going somewhere else. The amazing thing about our subconscious is that it is usually pretty good at picking these vibes up. Might be worth paying attention to them!

  2. Boundary line crossed? Time to be active. If they are innocent and just a bit too close for comfort, then consider moving yourself away from them or requesting (within reason) that they move away a little. If and when you feel a real threat, then it is time to get ourselves into the Fence position, hands up and a firm “STOP” or it can be “BACK AWAY”, “LEAVE” etc. The trick is to be confident, clear and project loudly.

  3. So that didn’t work? Time for our signature move from yesterday! Hammer Time! Remember to throw it hard, throw it fast and throw it early. Don’t leave the hammer out and pull it back to your cheek, reloaded and ready to throw the next shot. There are loads you can do but we focused on a three hammer combo and the hammer, elbow, knee combo.

  4. Just in case your attacker gets the first shot in, we also covered the Atom. To remember how it works, remember the explanation I gave you. Think of your head as the nucleus with the points of your elbows as electrons and whiz them about your head! That will hopefully be able to block the most common of punches thrown by thugs with is either the big haymaker or the very close sudden hook. With that we can then add back the hammer combos we covered.

  5. Lastly we also covered being grabbed. And funnily enough, the same counter was performed! Atom up, twist to release and hammer away merrily! 


As I showed, the reason why I picked this particular technique to show you is that we can use this move in any position, against more than one person while minimizing the potential injury risk to my own hands and wrists by not being able to punch properly.

I have to say I was incredibly impressed with the ability shown in class and there was brilliant energy throughout. A massive thank you to the Bushinites who came to support and help out, we couldn’t have had such a great session without you.

Safe to say we “nailed” the seminar!…#sorrynotsorry

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