Bushin – MMA Night 30th March

MMA or Mixed Martial Arts has gradually become a household phrase since its obscure origins over 20 years ago. While arguably MMA has origins much earlier, even Bruce Lee was a strong proponent of cross training, it was really the UFC that has transformed and popularised it.

I remember watching the first UFC in 1993. It was mayhem with all sorts of fighters and no rules. A boxer with one glove, a sumo wrestler and of course the first champion Roger Gracie, who proved to the world that going to ground was not necessarily a bad thing. Many rules have since been introduced to protect the fighters, but there is no denying MMA has become a fantastic art of combat. Nowadays cage fighters are supreme athletes, extremely technical and evolving constantly. They need to be all round fighters with a good skills in stand-up and grappling, plus have strong cage craft.

Although Bushin is streetfighting art, there are many similarities with MMA. As the fighting styles are from the same background, the basic fighting techniques are very similar; it is mainly the application that is different. What works in the cage may not work in the street and what works on the street may not work in the cage. The main thing for the street is you need to be able to adapt to different situations, multiples attackers and weapons.

Regardless of the situation – street, ring or cage – you still need to be a damn good fighter! ….and however you cut it, MMA is a fantastic way to get you there. While it can be brutal and cage competition is not for everyone, the techniques and craft builds an excellent foundation for fighting. Unlike many styles, it encompasses stand-up and ground fighting, plus teaches the transitions for everything in between.

If you saw UFC Fight Night 107 in London this weekend you would have seen some great performances – Jimi Manuwa’s left hook knockout, Gunnar’s Nelson’s superb guillotine finish and of course Brad Pickett’s heartbreaking retirement loss. We still have loads of good fighters to come from this side of the pond – Conor McGregor, Michael ‘The Count’ Bisping to name a few. Fancy learning a few tricks like the greats?

Join us for MMA Night on Thursday 30th March at 7.30pm in Studio 1. Learn the transition from stand-up to clinch and takedown; finish off with ground n’ pound & submission.

Are you ready?


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