Bushin Martial Arts LondonBushin was created in 2009 by Sensei Cailey Barker, following a culmination of 30 years of martial arts experience. His belief was that many traditional styles have great discipline and structure but lacked practical street application and flexibility to adapt. Conversely many modern styles teach good fighting skills but don’t retain the philosophy, culture and attributes of a true martial art.

Bushin is a highly effective, tried and tested method of street fighting. Incorporating the best of a variety of martial arts, Bushin encapsulates the effectiveness of Thai boxing, the flexibility of Jeet Kune Do,  the speed of Wing Chun and the subtlety of Tai Chi. Not to mention the grappling of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and the weapons work of Kali.

Bushin’s approach is simple and effective: learn, adapt and test. Learn the structure but gain the ability to be flexible and adapt…and pressure test it in sparring to see if it works. You need padwork to release stress, exercise to sweat and music to inspire. Bushin does it all…every lesson….If you want to learn practical street fighting, sweat, laugh and cry, then Bushin is for you!

For an example of a typical Bushin class, check out our video below.