Bushin – Boxing Night New Event!

    Hi guys, Quick message from Cailey below about a new Event Night coming in anticipation for the much hyped Mayweather McGregor fight next weekend. Boxing Night Join us next Thursday 24th August for Boxing Night. A night of training dedicated to the “Sweet Science” of Boxing, where we prepare for the fight of the century on the 26th: […]

    Bushin – Addicted to Smoking

    For me personally, the holy grail and key to any fight is knowing how to hit and preferably not be hit. Sounds simple doesn’t it? I have one (or more) opponent in front of me that I can hit almost at will and can limit the number of shots they land to a handful of […]

    Bushin – Steve’s Thought Corner!

    Hi guys, Ever wonder what goes through Stephen’s head while he is away? Wonder no more! See below! For the TL:DR version: next time you are sparring just slow it down and think about what you’re throwing. You might find a technique or defense you hated suddenly becomes the best thing in your toolkit when you […]

    Bushin – Sparring Night

    Hi guys, Quick message to remind all members that this Thursday is our Sparring Seminar night! We will be covering various different fighting strategies that you can put into practice with varying levels of contact to your preference. Come along! You won’t need to bring any pads but do bring along your gloves, shin guards, […]

    Bushin – Half year report!

    Hi guys, Now that we are into June, it is a good chance to take stock of the Bushin half year report! Biggest news is obviously the grading that was held today. It was a busy one this time, with a wide spread of different Bushinites taking part, and I am very pleased to say […]