Archive: Apr 2015

    Money vs Pacman

    Tonight we tried to act out the upcoming fight of the decade: Mayweather vs Pacquiao. Two of the best pound-for-pound fighters we are probably ever likely to see….and with two very contrasting styles. First we pretended to be “Money” Mayweather, working on his trademark lean back and bounceback counters, adding in smoke and moving counter […]

    New Starter Pack is Here!

    The new starter pack is here!! Packed full of new streetfighting material plus the updated syllabus wrapped up neatly in a swish new design. Learn about the Bushin Blueprint, discover the Path and find out what the Spider is. Here’s a sneak preview…         …the suspense may just kill you! Pick up […]

    Here they Come

    New starter Packs I’m very pleased to say the new Bushin starter pack is in the final stages of completion. I shall be looking to distribute copies next week. It has all the new syllabus, technical material and explanation of our Streetfighting methodology. After months of hard graft, I don’t mind saying it looks pretty […]


    Back from the dull depths of Zurich. Not the most captivating place despite the burning of the snowman festival to celebrate the end of winter. Thanks to Jason for putting everyone through their paces on Tuesday. Looking forward to getting a sweat on tomorrow night!

    Slash & Stab

    Packed house for the Weapons Night! Actually turned into Knife Night because I couldn’t find my sticks. We looked at basic knife fighting using the ice pick before moving onto functional open hand defence. Using a fence and sticking to the basic plan improves your chances of survival immensely. We looked at how to not […]