Archive: Nov 2014

    Farewell Fighting

    Full house tonight. We started with a minutes silence in respect to Ed and then followed with an intense and energetic boxing session. What better way to say goodbye to Alessandro, who’s returning home, than the infamous Bushin Ring of Fire. In this case, 16 vs 1. Despite his arms stopping working, a few hard […]

    3 Fallen Warriors

    I’m sad to inform you all that Edgar “Ed” Bopp has died from a fatal accident. Ed trained with us on and off for a year before moving back to Germany in August. He joins fallen comrades Jolly and Salvo that also tragically left us this year. Sad times for the Bushin tribe. We shall […]


    Three heroes in the house last night. Beini, who smashed her grading and showed great, tidy form. She was aptly assisted by rapidly becoming deadly Dida who shrugged off a punch in the nose to keep fighting. The third hero was Jason who showed up on his birthday to train and help run the class. […]

    Update – Xmas etc.

    Closing Session and Xmas Dinner – Bash, Drink and Gorge On the Thurs 18th Dec we shall be having our special closing session where we bash each other up, drink sake at the closing ceremony and then stuff our faces full of turkey. I shall share some of Andy Norman’s brilliant Defence Lab stuff I […]


    Back in business tonight. Injuries healed up enough to start training again and hold some pads for the first time in 3 months. Class will be more intensive with more energy…just need help from you all to boost the volume up. Let’s get fighting!