Archive: Sep 2014

    5th Anniversary Dinner – Are you in?

    The Bushin 5th Anniversary is approaching! If you want to go to dinner, please let Fiona know by this Thursday (2nd Oct) at the latest so she can book (or click yes on the Facebook event page). You will need to pay £10 as a deposit so please bring it in when you are next […]

    5th Anniversary – 16 Oct

    Osu! Join us in celebrating Bushin’s 5th Anniversary! Thursday 16th October at 7.30pm (Studio 1) – Doing what we do best – fighting and eating. First we shall be having a special training session tapping into some of the advanced techniques and secrets of Bushin. Dirty boxing, pressure point strikes and even some internal energy […]

    Keepin’ it Real

    Great Newbie Session tonight. Packed house. Really pleasing to see how a few basic street techniques can be quickly learnt and applied effectively by people with no experience. Lots of enthusiasm, lots of sweat, lots of fun. Welcome to the family for those that signed up.

    Fight the Flab – Tonight 7.30pm

    Back from my jaunt around the US and looking forward to the Newcomers Session tonight. Being in the wealthiest nation on earth makes you realise you much overeating, over indulgence and general laziness isn’t good for the body or the mind. Its a one way track. Why are we happy putting money in our pensions […]

    Thai vs Boxing

    Always nice to switch up your fighting strategy to get on top of your opponent. Working Thai elbows and knees into boxing is great way to mix it up. Close quarter pressure and then stick and move. Pressure, pressure then off on the angle and box in and out. Like water and stone…