Archive: Jul 2014

    Basics are Basic

    Well, they are not actually. Basics are hard work, very technical and, quite frankly, boring. But they are the foundation of everything we do. The more you do them, and do them well, the better your whole fighting game becomes. This week we worked on tight guard stances plus jabs and basic kicks. It’s great […]

    Bushin’s First Black Belt

    Congratulations to Jason Man, who successfully passed his grading today, becoming Bushin’s first black belt. A gruelling 4 hour grading that encompassed the whole syllabus through to black belt, including stand-up fighting techniques, grappling, sticky hands, weapons, stickwork to name but a few. Plus over 20 rounds of various technical and free sparring including the […]

    Counting Down

    We’ve been working on all parts of the syllabus through to black belt this week to help Jason out with his grading practise. Angle defence and counters, juho techniques, clinch, groundwork and ground locks, trapping, close quarter boxing, hubud/chi sao etc, weapons and stickwork. Lots to do. Jason will be doing Bushin’s first black belt […]

    Grapple, Slam & Roll

    Wow! What a great grappling seminar. One of the best we’ve done. Went through all the stand-up pummelling, clinch and takedowns. Then follow-up to different mount and finishes. Chucked in some guillotines, anacondas and brabo chokes to boot. Lots of relaxed, technical sparring all the way and then finished with free sparring from stand-up to […]