Archive: Mar 2014

    Tanzanian Heat

    Back from Tanzania where I was dodging mosquitos in the hot, dusty goldfields. Thanks very much to the seniors for running the class in my absence and look forward to getting a sweat on next week.

    Instructor Promotion

    This weekend I attended a JKD/Kali Instructor Camp and was honoured to be promoted to Affiliate Level 2 Instructor under Guro Bob Breen. A great privilege to be associated with the best.

    Chop, Bash, Smash

    Nice class today where we spent a lot of time on different types of striking: knife hands, forearms, back fists and, my favourite, hammers. Looking at ways to apply them into defensive counters, boxing, grappling and of course the brutal art of Filipino dirty boxing (panantukan). Then a 45 mins roll on the mats to […]

    Yellows & Greens

    Congratulations to all that passed the grading today. One new green II, one new green, three new yellows and one white II. Not rugby team colours but a great group of fighters. Some dubious techniques in places but over the standard was high. A special mention must be made of the new yellows: Angela, Casey […]

    Rolling rolling

    Grappling kicks off! A great first groundwork session today with some promising talent. Lots to learn, lots to cover, but off to a great start. Nice to see the sweaty, smiling red faces at the end.