Archive: Jan 2014

    Blooming Browns

    Big congratulations to Fiona and Stephen for passing their Brown II today. A gutsy 2 hour performance of stand up techniques and grappling, groundwork, trapping, kata, escape rolls and close quarter integration of pushing/sticking hands, hubud, grappling and boxing. Finished with the usual 8 rounds of various sparring, including 2-vs-1. Some very sharp techniques, adaptations […]

    Seniors Grading

    Seniors Grading today. Fiona and Stephen going for Brown II. Please feel free to come down to support and see what’s in store for later. Start is 2.30pm sharp at Cobra Gym. Good luck to them!

    Come On In

    Nice to see so many newbies come along for a bash tonight. Reminds me of my very first session although those years ago. Lack of technique made up by lots of enthusiasm. Only simple stuff but that’s always the best. “Never forget your beginners heart” as Shorinji would say.

    Sweaty Start

    Lovely first session back. No thrills or spills, just sweaty and tiring. We did circuits on pads, conditioning and sparring for 45 mins and then put the aching limbs through some techniques. A bit of turkey basting but good to see everyone keen to fight the flab. Great to be back!

    Happy New Year for 2014!

    Akemshite Omedeto – Happy new year! A new year and a fresh start and I hope you all have a great and better year than 2013. As usual we follow the Japanese celebration of kagami biraki (“opening the mirror ceremony”), where you reflect on the past year and enter a new period of your life […]