Archive: Dec 2013

    2014 Events

    The website diary has been updated for 2014. Another exciting programme for this year to keep the skills and motivation up. Check out the footer on the home page for upcoming events.

    Xmas Dragon

    A nice finish to year with the die hard xmas fighters making the effort for one final scrap. Relatively quiet this year but lots of enthusiasm to learn some advanced fighting tricks. After a bash on the pads, we went through 5 different stop-hit type disruptions, different distance/psychological fighting tactics, a bit of stand-up grappling/pummelling […]

    Just the Basics

    One of the quietest classes we’ve had all year so another great opportunity to work the pads with everyone. I’ll probably have a fat thigh from all the low kicks but some nice improvement on timing and depth. Amazing how the simple stuff can be the hardest. Bit of grading practise then groundwork to finish […]

    Jab 1, Jab 2, Jab 3…

    Really enjoyed the class tonight. A quieter class in the lead up to Xmas so a good chance to work on the jab and some combinations around it – angle punches, dropping in the cross or low kick and switch hitting. More importantly I got to partner up with everyone and pick through some of […]