Archive: Nov 2013

    Back for Xmas

    Back from my jaunt to Namibia and Spain. Thank you to Jason for taking the class last week. Back at it tonight…ready to wear off the Springbok steak and Salamanca Jamon. More grading practise this week and some hard drills in the lead up to Xmas.

    Black Belt

    After 4 gruelling hours of grading and months of hard training I was honoured to receive my black belt in JKD/Kali under the auspices of Guru Bob Breen and his army of black belts and instructors. I’ve probably done close to 30 gradings over the years and got a few black belts in various styles […]

    Closing Session and Xmas Dinner

    The last session of the year will be on Thursday 19th December. As usual we shall be doing a special session, where I shall be teaching some of the advanced stuff of Bushin; plus the usual sparring games before loading up on Turkey. After the session we shall be going for a traditional Xmas dinner […]

    Studio Changes

    The QM Centre is refurbishing the studios over the next few months so we shall be swapping studios. If you turn up and the studio is empty, then just go to the other one. Thursdays – 14th 21st 28th November will be in Studio 2 (upstairs) (i.e. November – both Tues & Thurs sessions in […]

    Self Defence Seminar

    We shall be having our annual seminar focusing on pure street defence – This Thursday, 7th November. Will be the usual 7.30pm in Studio 1. We shall go through some of street rules – do’s and don’ts and knowing when to fight or flight. As usual it will involve mostly practical application and learning how […]