Archive: Oct 2013


    Core basic combos tonight working on cross-hook-cross and hook-cross-hook 3/4 count combos then putting into techs and sparred in as usual. Few slaps but groins intact for a change. Welcome to Dan that joined tonight.

    Bushin Goes Fourth

    Thanks to everyone for coming along tonight and helping to celebrate our fourth anniversary. I think we all had a lot of fun learning some Kali/MMA based techniques off a jab which nearly ended with a few cracked skulls. Then some sensitivity drills and guard checks and integrating it all in. Then finally screen drops […]

    Boxing and boxing

    Tonight I saw a real level jump in boxing skills. Really pleasing to see. We worked on confidence building exercises to improve guard and keeping tight, technical punches. Some really sharp looking skills by the end of the night. Challenging and real.