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    Bushin Blog: 30 Aug 2013

    Nice to be back. Small class but great skills. Worked on pure Thai – front kick, jab, low kick combos. Then integrated into leg hook, foot trap takedown and standing ankle bar. Finished with trapping variations from a jab and integrated it all together. Lovely stuff

    Back from Peru

    Back from Peru. Thanks to Jason for running the class in my absence. I’m glad for doing all the workouts with my altitude training mask because there wasn’t a lot of air to play with at 5,000m (30% apparently). I had a few workouts and it took 5 mins just to catch my breath. I […]

    Bushin Blog: 4 July 2013

    Great grappling seminar tonight. Worked standing vs ground defences, basic position transitions and some high percentage submissions. Lots of sweaty sparring as usual. Really good standard all round. Hot bath and stretching tonight…

    Bushin Blog: 2 July 2013

    Grappling Seminar this Thurs. 7.30pm in Studio 1 as normal. Get ready to wrestle. Shall work some simple takedowns, groundwork positions and a few basic submissions. Sweaty but fun!