Archive: Jun 2013

    Close Quarter Integration

    Put it all together. Bushin integrates close quarter fighting, including trapping, pushing/sticking hands, hubud, boxing and clinch. These build sensitivity, fluency and flow, enabling techniques to be applied into a variety of street situations. Effective street fighting is about mastering a few techniques in lots of situations, not lots of techniques in a few situations. […]

    Bushin Blog: 20 June 2013

    Hot, sweaty and hard. Man, it was a hard class tonight. Well done to everyone for hanging in there and putting out some inspiring energy, despite the heat. I was tired just teaching!

    Bushin Blog: 18 June 2013

    Nice class working blocks, checks and half beat counters against turning kicks. All about footwork and the early punch. Then dropped in takedowns and leg locks. Great to see some friendly guests from kempo and get an early birthday cake. Thanks to everyone. 30 again!

    Bushin Blog: 11 June 2013

    Nice class working on early, same and late timing through hiji uke (cover block) and 4 count renhanko. Difficult to execute when going at full pelt but a matter of having a plan and getting in the flow! Great to see old face Tamer back in action again.