Archive: Apr 2013

    Bushin Blog: 29 April 2013

    Sparring Seminar this Thursday! Bring gloves, shin guards, mouth guards and kitchen sink…you’ll be throwing the whole lot at each other. As usual we shall be doing sparring techniques, tricks of the trade and getting lots of practise with different kit and different rules. Sweaty and fun. Bring it on!

    Bushin Blog: 25 April 2013

    Monsters vs Aliens. A new game of hard pressure boxing monsters vs relaxed and floppy, v-stepping aliens. Glutes suffer but the net result is devastatingly effective. There were some good monsters but I think the aliens conquered!

    Starter Pack v2

    It’s here! After 4 years, I’ve finally finished off Starter Pack version 2. Packed with new renhanko, kata and angles of attack descriptions. The white belt syllabus has been tidied up and I’ve updated the terminology sheets. A definite upgrade on the old version. Pick up your copy at the next training session. Click the link below […]

    Bushin Blog: 23 April 2013

    Pressure boxing vs lateral steps with body hook and lock. Simple, clean and effective. All I could hear was “tap, tap, groan…” The pleasant sound of pain. Welcome to Abu…no. 6 for April.

    Bushin Blog: 21 April 2013

    Just been going through the new starter pack version with Sensei Ian. Great way to spend a few hours on a Sunday…felt like 4-5 years ago when we put Bushin together. Really coming together nicely…new combos sparred into old techniques and angles of attack. Also amazing how quickly Ian’s skill brushed off the rust…no substitute […]