Archive: Mar 2013

    Bushin Blog: 28 March 2013

    Nice pre-Easter session tonight working on how to use explosive counters from a tight guard. Really good aggression and spirit coming through. Next Thurs is Weapons Seminar so don’t miss it….Have a great Easter and don’t eat too many chocolate eggs!

    Bushin Blog: 27 March 2013

    Putting together the final details of summer camp. Technical programme is done…just finalising costs and logistics. It’s gonna be awesome. Watch this space!

    Bushin Blog: 22 March 2013

    Nice hard circuit session last night. No frills, no spills, just getting a sweat on and hitting things Neanderthal style. Everyone working hard. Great to also see my old kempo friend Sensei Paul White turn up to say hello. 10 years senior to me and a great self defence exponent.

    Bushin Blog: 20 March 2013

    Back from a long haul out to Far East Russia. I turned down the Rugby at Cardiff and an instructor camp to go. Three cramped night flights with no in-flight entertainment, dodgy helicopter rides through snow blizzards and -20C when the wind wasn’t blowing. Man it was worth it. Not

    Bushin Blog: 14 March 2013

    Another busy class…really doing well at the moment. Welcome to Volod and Angela that joined up today. That’s 8 newbies in 2 months…Great buzz about the class