Archive: Feb 2013

    Bushin Blog: 28 February 2013

    Busiest class of the year. With 10 going for grading plus a raft of beginners. Welcome to Rolan and Gareth that signed up, and welcome back to Jolly. Great to see so many faces!

    Bushin Summer Camp

    I’m very pleased to announce that this year we shall be hosting our first ever Bushin summer camp. It is provisionally set as the 3rd/4th August in a fantastic venue not too far from London. This will be a great opportunity to train intensely for 2 days solid to work on some of the finer […]

    Perfect Practise

    Practise makes perfect…an old adage that rings true. I am often reminded that there is no substitute for practise. You can be as skillfull as the best out there but if you don’t practise then those skills will never be effective. However, there are a few basic ground rules to practise. First you need to […]

    Bushin Blog: 14 February 2013

    Valentine’s Day massacre. Great to see a full class and that I wasn’t the only sado that was hitting pads instead of smooching with loved ones. Great hard class working long guard and combo 2 into boxing. Well done to our 2 newbies as well who showed great spirit. Kisses and punches to all x