Archive: Oct 2012

    Bushin Blog: 31 October 2012

    Boxing crazy last night…going through simple sparring drills to work jab, bodywork, footwork, dirty boxing tricks and taking the back. Still work to be done on the jab but great improvement by the end of the night!

    Bushin Blog: 29 October 2012

    Found out from one of our old students Jack, that he got confronted by a couple of muggers a few months back and was able to walk away intact, thanks to Bushin. Always nice to hear…

    Newcomers session

    Next Thursday (1st Nov) we are having a special session for newcomers to introduce Bushin and try this great martial art. This will be for beginners and experienced artists alike and a perfect chance to give it a go. So if you want to have a good sweat, gain some streetfighting skills and have fun, […]

    Bushin Trilogy

    Happy 3rd Anniversary to us!! Great celebration last night and I had loads of fun. The last year has been tough but enjoyable. We’ve lost a few old faces but gained some great new ones. We re-branded, re-jigged the syllabus, won in our first competition and gained tremendously in skill and spirit. Bushin continues to […]