Archive: Sep 2012

    Silver Medaller

    Big congratulations to Omar today who got a silver medal representing Bushin in his first competition. Competing in the ISKA British Championships in Birmingham, Omar tried his hand at the freestyle semi-contact (point) and light contact (continuous) sparring in the -75kg category. In the point sparring he fought people of a similar grade and came […]

    26 Sept

    Great training with my good friend Jamie Hillman at the last session of Brixton IFA. Great class and brilliant group of guys. Really nice to see talent, spirit and etiquette all in balance. Sorry to see it come to an end.

    25 Sept

    Quiet class tonight. Instead of fighting tumbleweeds we worked on putting tights hooks and uppercuts into boxing. Some nice technical work came through despite some Tyson-like dirty tactics from some corners (mentioning no names). Then groundwork to finish off to make the lungs explode. Quality over quantity.

    3 is the Magic Number

    On Thursday 18th October we will be celebrating Bushin’s third anniversary. A fantastic three years which has seen the style develop and improve and, more importantly, epitomise the true spirit of a martial art. The club’s grown since it started, and even though we’ve said goodbye to a few people (Olly, Paul and soon Clayton) […]

    Bash-Crash vs. In-Out

    This week we’ve been working on sparring to help Omar out with his upcoming competition. Bushin normally practises a streetfighting sparring style with elements of Thai, Filipino and Western boxing amongst others. This is designed to defend yourself, crash your opponent as quickly as possibly and finish them off as best you can. The “Crash […]