Archive: May 2012

    Less Tools in a Bigger Bag

    When we learn new techniques (waza) in martial arts we often say that it’s learning more tools to put in your tool bag. The concept of many styles is “the more tools you have the better you are”. Coming from a traditional background I found the opposite to be true. In Shorinji Kempo I learnt […]

    Changes Afoot

    We are making some changes to Bushin, including a new uniform, new photos/videos, website re-write plus possibly new venue/times. Watch this space!

    Sparring Seminar – Date Change

    The sparring seminar is postponed by a week to next Thurs 10th May. There are quite a few people away or out of action and, more importantly, the padlock is bust on our box so I can’t get to the sparring kit at the moment. Apologies for this but hopefully won’t make a difference to […]