Archive: Mar 2012

    Bushin’s Got Talent

    Sensei Ian and I made the cut for the show opener for Britain’s Got Talent! Ok, so not much Bushin was involved in then end but it was a good crack nonetheless. At least we manage to throw a few punches in the dance routine. Next stop Hollywood! You can check out the clip below. […]

    Free Self Defence Tasters

    “Try out some practical self defence from the Bushin martial art. There will be 20 minute taster sessions where you will learn extremely useful defence techniques and tips to stay street safe. Turn up in your normal clothes, learn from the masters and have some fun!” We are running some free self defence taster sessions as […]

    Triangles and Lines

    Whether its martial arts, MMA or self defence, the technical principles can be very similar. Fighting on London streets or fighting in the ring…only the rules change. A useful aspect of fighting we worked on recently was using lines of movement to execute attacks and defence/counters. Technically speaking, you could move to attack in a […]

    Sixes and Sevens

    Massive congratulations to all those that grading today. We had 7 gradings…6 people up to the next level: Deborah, Clayton, Paul, Omar and Stephen, and the first Bushin double grading from Jeremy. Well done to all! The bravery award went to Stephen for his acrobatic ukemi, while Omar snatched the spot for biggest improver. Lots […]