Archive: Oct 2011

    Grapple, Defend & Grade

    G&G Seminar – This Sunday 6th Nov Reminder: We have our grappling and groundwork seminar this Sunday 2-3.30pm in Cobra Gym. This time we shall be focusing on pure groundwork taking mainly elements of BJJ to work on positions of strength and set up some submissions. We shall placing less emphasis on the self defence […]

    Three’s a Crowd

    Great session last night at our second year anniversary. Working on controlling an opponent across the back and along the front with elbow pick-ups, face slaps and clinches. It’s always important to have good control, making sure you are in a strong position while your opponent is weakened with their balance or structure broken. Then […]

    Bushin 2nd Year Anniversary

    Bushin was officially launched on 15th October 2009, as a culmination of over 25 years hard work in the arts. It has been a rip-roaring success so far. In fact it has grown quicker than any club I’ve run before and well ahead of my initial expectations with nearly 35 full members plus a whole pile of […]

    Defend Yourself! – Our third Self Defence Seminar

    Worried about personal safety? Can you defend yourself? On Thursday 6th October, we shall be hosting our third Self Defence Seminar. The facts are compelling. According to the British Crime Survey, there were around 2.2 million incidents of violent crime reported last year, although this is probably much higher as only around a third is […]