Archive: Feb 2011

    1000 Kicks

    Congratulations to all those that took part in the Kicking for Cancer event on 17 February. It was hard work but everyone did a fantastic job. With a combination of air kicks, partner work and pads the time was around 35-40 minutes all in. Our star turn was Jonathan, who turned up for his third […]

    Can I Kick It? (Yes, You Can!)

    With the kickathon fast approaching it seems an opportune time for some hints and tips on kicking (keri waza). Kicking well is actually the hardest thing to do in goho waza (hard techniques). Hand work is simpler…it requires little conditioning and flexibility and people have better coordination and balance. Kicking requires all of the above. […]

    Barker’s Beard

    Yes, the beard is back. I’ve had a number of people ask why…Actually, for those that know me before Bushin you will remember I had one previously. While it’s never been a huge, bushy affair it was always there. For 10 years in fact I had it…almost as long as the shaven head. When I […]