Archive: Nov 2010

    Stick it to ‘em #2

    Stick Seminar: This Thursday – 2nd December at 7.30pm (studio 1 downstairs) The nyoi-bo (literally “control stick”) is an ideal weapon of self defence and an integral part of the Bushin syllabus. Applied in the right fashion it can be a devastating way to incapacitate an attacker, especially against those armed with a weapon. The […]

    Bushin’s Eleven

    Big congratulations to all those that graded on Thursday. 3 new green belts, 2 new yellow stripes, 4 new yellows and 2 new white stripes. Despite some areas of concern and a struggle for regular practise for some, a great performance was put in on the day. Well done to all and keep up the […]

    Walk Through The Door

    Generally, the most difficult thing about training is the life balance. It is very difficult to keep practising regularly when there are so many other things that get in the way: work, family, health etc….even the simple “I can’t be bothered tonight, I’m too tired”. However, if training is important to you and you enjoy […]

    Free Taster Lesson – Westminster Active Weekend

    Interested in self defence, martial arts or MMA? Try out our taster sessions for free! On Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st November, Westminster Borough and the Queen Mother Sports Centre are hosting the Westminster Active Weekend, a free open weekend of classes. Bushin is one of the few clubs that has been specially selected to […]