Archive: Aug 2010

    Ki Seminar: Ki is Key

    Ki Seminar (Internal Energy): This Thursday – 2nd September at 7.30pm (Studio 1 downstairs) This is our second ki seminar where we shall be revising some of the previous basics, applying various types of ki to different technical situations. We shall also be trialling a new method called “ki sparring”, unique only to Bushin. Come […]

    Grading 1 – Congratulations

    Congratulations to all the new white stripes and yellow belts that passed the grading last night!! A good performance by all, especially considering some were fasting as well. Keep up the good work and keep the momentum going…next grading will be at the beginning of December. Well done! More photos in our gallery. Grading Part 2 will […]

    Grading Up

    For August we shall be mostly focusing on syllabus work for the upcoming grading on 26th August. Most people like to grade although they are often nervous and perhaps a little apprehensive about doing so. What to expect? What to remember? How will you perform? These are all good questions. Gradings are an important part […]

    Slice & Dice

    After another successful knife seminar, it is important to realise the importance of knife work within the context of self defence. According to the British Crime Survey, 20% of all violent crime is with a weapon. Earlier this year a teenager was stabbed and killed in a gang attack at Victoria station, two minutes from […]

    Knife Seminar – Thurs 5th Aug

    Knife Seminar: This Thursday – 5th August at 7.30pm (Studio 1 downstairs) Just a reminder for this knife seminar this Thursday. I shall go through a quick revision of the basic guards, defences and counters. Then we shall move onto some more advanced knife strips, traps and throws. The last knife seminars we ran were a blast […]