Archive: Jul 2010

    Stand up and Defend Yourself!

    Last week one of our regular and very committed students, Tamer, got into a situation of violence where he had to defend himself. Here is his testimony (also posted to our testimonials page): “I had an experience not to be forgotten last week when I was with some friends out in town, like any other week […]

    Don’t stop. Don’t give up. Face your enemy!

    It’s time to start training. There is no better time than now. Not tomorrow, next week, not when you have more money…now! The work-personal life-training balance is very difficult to maintain. You will go through times when one will dominate at the expense of the others. That’s ok but its important not to turn the […]

    Social Gatherings

    We’re organising 2 social events  for everyone: Picnic in Green Park on Saturday 31 July.  The plan is to meet outside the station at 1pm and head over to Green Park. There’ll be eating and room to practice on the grass (if that’s what you really want).  Please  bring something to eat/drink.  If anyone’s a vegetarian […]

    Bushin Fighting Spirit #2

    The sparring seminar was a great success and well done to all those that attended. The first part of the seminar focused on different ways to attack. This is an important started point because the majority of martial artists tend to revert to type by attacking only. Certainly most of the well ranked fighters tend […]