Archive: Jun 2010

    Bushin Fighting Spirit

    Sparring Seminar (Randori): This Thursday – 1st July at 7.30pm (Studio 1 downstairs) Randori is sparring or fighting, literally translated as “seizing chaos”. Randori is an essential element of training to practise the application of techniques under stress and pressure, similar to a real fighting situation. In Bushin it makes up an enormous part of […]

    Breathe and Relax

    I’ve just come back from a site visit to South America. One site was in the Peruvian mountains at high altitude, 5000m above sea level. A place where air is a rarer commodity than the stuff that was being dug out of the ground. It was really hard to do anything. Even taking your jacket […]

    June Update

    New article on Bushin. We have posted an article written by on our new testimonials page. Its a great article…take a look. Testimonials. On the same page, there are a few of our testimonials but are a little out of date now. It would be great to get some more recent ones, so, […]