Archive: Apr 2010

    Self Defence Seminar

    Worried about personal safety? Can you defend yourself? Try our Self Defence Seminar. The seminar will be from 7.30-9.30pm on Thursday 29th April in Studio 1 at the Queen Mother Sports Centre in Victoria. The cost will be £15 (£10 members/staff). The 2 hour seminar will cover the theory and practical application of personal safety, awareness and […]

    The Best Defence is Offence

    Recently we’ve been concentrating on converting simple defensive moves into strong counters. In Bushin, we follow the 5 step rule: dodge (yoke) > guard/cover (bogyo) > crush (hishigi) > block (uke) > catch (kakete). This is a simple progression from a move which is simple, passive and defensive to a move which is more complicated, active and attacking. […]