Archive: Jan 2010

    Farewell Said, Old Friend

    Said’s Farewell – Next Tuesday 26th January at 8pm (Studio 2 upstairs) Unfortunately Said Nassor will be returning to Tanzania for good on Wednesday. He is coming along on Tuesday to say his farewell. We shall hold the training session as normal and if time permits, go for a drink afterwards at the local pub, […]

    Knife Part II

    Knife Defence Seminar II: Next Thursday – January 28th at 7.30pm (Studio 1 downstairs) We are kicking off the 2010 technical programme with a follow up on the knife defence seminar I ran in December. There will be regular monthly seminars throughout the year starting with this one. The seminar is open to all. I shall […]

    Move like Water, Hit like Stone!

    This week’s training focused on body movement or tai sabaki. This is a basic but fundamental part of training, consisting of simple moves like a dodge (yoke) or bob and weave (kagami). It has a number of uses that really falls into three categories: attack, defence and positioning. In attack, tai sabaki allows you to […]

    New Year – Open the Mirror!

    Akemashite Omedeto – Happy new year! Welcome to 2010, a new year and a new decade. This is one of my favourite times of year. In Japan many people celebrate with kagami biraki, the opening of year ceremony (literally “mirror open”). The mirror stands for the reflection of our true self and the hope is […]