Martial Art in London? Mixed Martial Art or Self Defence?

Bushin is an Adaptive Streetfighting Martial Art based in Victoria, London

Step Up Your Fight Game

Martial Art in London


Bushin is an adaptive, streetfighting martial art that teaches you to handle yourself in any situation. A highly effective fighting system with tried and tested techniques, you will train in stand-up fighting, grappling and weapons from a variety of fighting styles. Become your own unique streetfighter under the expert tutelage of veteran Master Cailey Barker and the amazing Bushin team.

Mixed Martial Art or Self Defence


Learning how to fight isn’t enough if you don’t have the basic fitness to execute them without getting out of breath. Bushin will help build your fitness up,whatever the foundation, and you will see improvements in your cardio, strength, and flexibility.

So, whatever your fitness levels, here at Bushin you will get a sweat on every single session.

learn how to Streetfight


We know stepping into a club for the first time can be daunting. At Bushin, we actively encourage and have great cameraderie between all of our members and many are now very close friends.

Come along to our club now to learn how to Streetfight, get fit having a Sweat, and leave with a Smile! Book now!

Who We Are

Read about our history & varied background, and our friendly multi-skilled Instructing Team, who look forward to assisting you with your goals to becoming a streetfighter!

What We Do

Find out more about Bushin’s training style and the skills you will pick up towards building a unique fighting style of your own!

Want More Info?

Our training times can be found below or on our Join Us page. Visit our FAQ section to get more answers. If your query still isn’t answered, just get in touch with us via phone or email!

Our Latest Bushin News

Bushin – Box Clever – 15th Feb

Coming 15th Feb is Boxing Night! We will be holding a special session where we will focus entirely on improving our boxing skills, all with the added bonus of sparring it in to test it under pressure! Should be a great night!

Bushin – Why Are You Here?

NEWCOMERS NIGHT – 23rd JAN – SIGN UP FOR HALF PRICE While I was in Hong Kong recently, I was busy working on our new website (more on that later) and in the background I had Wanted playing. It happened to get to the rather gruesome scene where Angelina Jolie beats the...

Bushin – Newcomers Night, January 23rd. Can You Fight?

NEWCOMERS NIGHT – 23rd JAN – SIGN UP FOR HALF PRICE Step Up Your Fight Game! On Tuesday 23rd January, we are having our Newcomers Night. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced fighter, come along and try our fantastic streetfighting martial art. You will sweat,...

Bushin Martial Art

Queen Mother Sports Centre, 223 Vauxhall Bridge Road, Victoria, London, SW1V 1EL

Where and When

Queen Mother Sports Centre
223 Vauxhall Bridge Road
Victoria, London

Tuesdays   7.45 to 8.45pm – Core Streetfighting
Tuesdays   8.45 to 9.30pm – Technicals
Thursdays 7.30 to 8.30pm – Core Streetfighting
Thursdays 8.30 to 9.00pm – Technicals
Thursdays 9.00 to 9.45pm – Ground Fighting

£60/month for 3 classes/week
Free trial class