Stand-up and Fight

StreetfightingStreetfighting. Bushin is a mixed martial art comprising a blend of Thai kickboxing, Boxing, plus elements of Jeet Kune Do, Shorinji Kempo and Wing Chun. Stand-up is where most street fights start and Bushin uses this as your foundation, practising basics, padwork, technical work and sparring to build up your effective fighting skills.

Ground & Pound

Ground and pound 3

Grappling & Groundwork. “Don’t go to ground!” Ideally yes, but street fighting often involves being grabbed or hitting the deck. Bushin teaches you stand-up grappling and groundwork widely used in the world of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ). Essential for street survival, learn to ground fight and know how to get back on your feet.

Fight Everywhere

Positions 3Fighting Positions. Streetfights can occur any time, any place, so you need to know how to fight in numerous situations, whether sitting on the tube, lying on ground or with your back against the wall. Bushin uses simple and effective streetfighting techniques that you can apply to any situation. One tool for many jobs.

Fight One, Fight Many

Multiple attacker 2Multiple Opponents. So you can handle yourself in a fight eh? How about if there are two, or three or a gang? Bushin teaches you how to adapt your normal fight game for multiple opponents, a common occurrence in street situations. Knowing what to do, where to stand and how act can make all the difference to win the fight.

Fight Dirty

Dirty BoxingDirty Boxing & Pressure Points. Street fighting is dirty and without rules, unlike being in the cage or ring. Bushin utilises elements of Filipino Dirty Boxing and Pressure Point manipulation. Whether it’s a kidney slap, eye strike or arm break, this all makes for a powerfully destructive style where punches aren’t pulled and no quarter is asked.

Defend Yourself

Knife defence 2Weapons Defence. Defence against an armed attacker is essential for modern day street violence, especially with knife crime on the rise. You will learn to blade fight and build confidence in dealing with all manner of weapons, be it bat, bottle or chain. Will you fight or take flight?

Pick up a Stick

Stick 2Stick Fighting. If you had to pick up something to fight with, what would it be? An umbrella? A newspaper? The stick is the Bushin weapon of choice – versatile, simple to use and devastatingly effective. Even the odds in the fight and introduce wood to bone.


Prepare for Battle

Meditation 1Healthy Living. Bushin utilises meditation, Tai Chi and massage to improve your health, concentration and posture. Breathe better and increase your energy levels. While useful in preparing for battle or in the aftermath of a fight, these are also the perfect tools to relax and de-stress throughout everyday life.