Bushin – Half year report!

Hi guys, Now that we are into June, it is a good chance to take stock of the Bushin half year report! Biggest news is obviously the grading that was held today. It was a busy one this time, with a wide spread of different Bushinites taking part, and I am very pleased to say […]

Bushin – Bigger and Better!

Hi guys, I am very excited to announce that Bushin is yet again pushing forward and striving to be bigger and better! After months of work, we are now finally ready to launch Bushin.co.uk 3.o! Sorry it is a bit late, I did promise a Saturday launch but it turns out I have only really […]

Bushin – Muay Thai Night 25th May

Muay Thai or Thai Boxing is the national sport and cultural martial art of Thailand. It was developed several hundreds of years ago as a form of close-combat that utilizes the entire body as a weapon. Affectionally referred to as “The Art of Eight Limbs”; and using eight points of contact the body mimics weapons […]

Bushin – Weapons Night 27th April

This coming Thursday we will be holding a Weapons Seminar.  If you ever wanted to play around with some of the weapons that you have seen the seniors wielding, this Thursday is your chance! Trust me, it is a lot of fun!

Bushin – Nailing The Essex Seminar

Saturday 25th March 10am marked the official start of Bushin’s first forays out of our home club in Victoria, London and into Essex. Noak Hill Sports Centre was to be the venue for the inaugural Bushin Essex Self Defence Seminar and what a seminar it was. With the perfect mix of locals and the very […]