We know that there are always questions you may have whenever you start something new. Please see below for some answers to our most common ones. If there are any further questions, please send us an email at info@bushin.co.uk and we will get back to you!

  1. Will I learn how to handle myself (better)?Bushin Martial Arts London

Yes. Bushin develops you as a streetfighter that can adapt to any situation, against any number of people, armed or not. The system is designed so you can pick it up easily and, after just a few months of training, you will dramatically improve your confidence and fighting skills. In fact, we’ve had a number of students who have been able to successfully handle themselves in a street situation due to the training they have received from us.

  1. Do I need to be fit or strong?

No. Bushin is for all shapes and sizes and we adapt training to you so you will become your own unique streetfighter. Fitness comes with training and after a few months you will discover you’ve become fitter and more toned. Bushin, like many martial arts, is high intensity exercise which burns calories quicker and for longer. ie less time and more effect to get buff!

  1. Will I get injured?

Bushin is a safe training environment with contact set at levels comfortable for each student. We are a friendly bunch and no-one wants to have a black eye to take to work the next day. Of course we are fighting art and accidents can happen, although this is very rare. However, fighting is done in a very controlled manner, supervised by our expert instructors who are all first aid trained and have experience with dealing with sports injuries. Everyone is properly insured against injury and we can even recommend superb physios should you ever need them!

  1. Are there many women?Bushin Martial Arts London

Like many martial art clubs we tend to have mostly men which is really just down to interest and probably testosterone. However, we have a handful of women that train with us, including one of our assistant instructors who is one of the best in the class!

  1. How long does it take to get a black belt?

Depending on your ability and attendance, it generally takes around 4 years. Bushin has a progressive syllabus which builds all the way from basic striking and grappling through to weapons. The ultimate objective of a black belt is to make you an accomplished street fighter so you can handle yourself in any situation, against many people, armed or not. 

  1. What do I wear? Do I need gloves? Are there showers?

To get started you just wear your normal gym kit and trainers. When you join you will get a Bushin Tshirt. We mainly use MMA gloves and focus pads and provide these for you to get started; after a while you buy your own. If you have some already please bring them along! The sports centre has shower facilities – we know going home smelly on the tube isn’t everyone’s idea of fun. Please note the automatic booking email contains a mistake which we are working with our Booking System suppliers to rectify.

  1. How big are the classes? Do you do private tuition?

The classes are not big, typically 12-15 students. We typically have up 4 instructors in the class at one time – this means you get an extremely high amount of personal tuition which is a fabulous advantage for you. We typically don’t do private tuition as we believe you need to practice with different people to test your ability, plus you can train against multiple attackers. However, occasionally some of the instructors will do some 1-to-1 lessons on request to supplement normal class training.

  1. Do you teach kids?Bushin Martial Arts London

No. We are an adults only class and you need to be over 18 years old to train with us.

  1. How do I pay? Is there a contract?

For your easy convenience, monthly training fees are paid by standing order, taken at the beginning of the month. Your first payment will include the joining fee. There is a very short 3 month contract as we like you to get your feet wet and progress through your first grading. After this period we just ask for a months notice if you wish to cancel for any reason.

  1. How soon can I start?

Now! Book your free trial at the bottom of this page. Just read the checklist to see you fit the bill and then pop in your details to begin your Bushin journey. You will then receive a confirmation email with all the necessary details! We are in a great location – the centre is just 2 minutes walk from Victoria tube and there is car and bike parking, which is a massive bonus.