Bushin – Fight Night, The Aftermath

img_2992Wow. What a night that was!

So on Thursday we held our very first Fight Night, joined by special guest and “Eddie Quinn’s The Approach” instructor Keiran Duignan, and as promised by Sensei Cailey, not just our skills, but our temperament, decisions and reactions were put under the most severe test ever seen at our club. Continue reading


Bushin Martial Arts LondonLet’s get ready to RUUUUMMMMBBBBBLLLLLLEEEEEE!!!!

Fight Night is coming! 10th November Bushin is hosting our very first Fight Night, complete with special guests for all existing Bushin members!

It promises to be an action packed night of street scenarios and pressure fighting. Learn how to stand, talk and fight against woofers and street thugs utilising Eddie Quinn’s world famous self protection method “The Approach” and be prepared to test your Bushin skills to the limit!

All members should have received an email with the details and they can also be found on our Facebook page! Fancy a taster? Check out our trailer for a taste of what’s to come…

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Bushin – Four Dimensions

14639592_1296989197048151_5129727249980288611_nThis month three of the Bushin seniors and I attended Bob Breen 4D instructor camp. Another superb weekend of skills and thrills. With over 40 years experience’ in the game Guro Bob is by far the most knowledgeable instructor in his field, but the irony is 4D is the distillation of simplicity. It looks at how to apply simple principles in a world of chaos. Not the JKD of complex drills and systemisation, but the way to achieve similar techniques in the 4 dimensions of stand-up fighting, stand-up grappling, weapons and multiples. One code to rule them all. A mission statement we firmly subscribe to in the world of Bushin.

Stephen’s Comments
It’s always exciting to attend one of Bob Breen’s seminars. It’s an excellent opportunity to both learn new techniques and test yourself against other black belts and instructors in a friendly and supportive setting. First class instruction from Guro Bob and his team and a fantastic way to spend a weekend.

Fiona’s Comments
A couple of us had the opportunity to attend another 4D seminar with Guro Bob Breen teaching more techniques and tips. Not only was it a great opportunity to learn from Bob Breen directly, but it was a chance to renew acquaintances. We were lucky to train with people from around the UK and Europe – img_4669all of them were talented martial arts and most with many years of experience. Some techniques from previous seminars were revisited but it was clear there was plenty to still learn. We came away with roughened hands from stick work and bruises from knife work. Great training, great atmosphere, and great fun.