Bushin – Log On, Book In, Work Out

1IX530ccGe9a_h_V1Mc_1lUgKduHz_TXRN7umhK_nKg,93zWBa--oVprLz6eDmV6YYyMYdCpsNNiniKy0AZICpcThe Bushin website has been upgraded again! With a new booking system in place with Nest, we have now launched a new way of booking free trial sessions.

If you want to join us, then it is as simple as clicking on our Free Trial logo and then choosing the lesson date you want your free trial on! As easy as that!

free-trial-buttonThe logo can be found on our home page and at the bottom of each page so you always have access to it.

Looking forward to seeing potential Bushinites soon!

Bushin – Midweek Madness!

img_1172Hi guys!

A bit of a midweek update. Firstly, massive congratulations to Dean passing his grading at the weekend. A properly gruelling affair where he had to partner up with three guys who didn’t go too easy on him…sorry! In any case, it is another up to the next level where new avenues of attack and defence can be learnt and played with!

Well done last night to the newcomers who made it to our special session. Sensei Cailey chucked you guys in the deep end slightly but you all coped well. Hopefully you have been captured and intrigued by the snippet you got last night and will be back for more!

Lastly, D-Day for the whites as their grading comes up tomorrow. Best of luck, give it full spirit and I am sure we will have another congratulations message to post! Class is going on as normal at the same time so there should be plenty of support!

Bushin – Newcomer’s Sesh Update!

onMrkVvojjg2SaXq6l5bCMcqaXW4-KPUYNdNN6oGUMQ,I9A5RPvsHv5R3su5sCZ6naOT1z00ncosFxghQW7KbYQ,vEckp7B_Wy-3Hw4BE9Kn0XzZFwX1XzGuCt2iPVSrasUHi all!

Got some updates on the Newcomer’s Session that I should have added to my last post.

Date: 13th September 2016
Time: 7.45pm but arrive from 7.30pm
Location: Studio 2, Queen Mother’s Sport Centre Victoria

If you are still interested in trying us out, just fill in a Free Trial form at the bottom of this page and we will be in touch! I nothing else, you can come along to try and punch me for using the word “Sesh”…

Bushin – Newcomer’s Session Coming Up!

kJVPBOLd4i-0qoJ3DUYetUUlPtFOWJQPy40try74m2U,8BlxR2Z9Xf0L4EAs9s-rKzVm01aTgv8uPsuoiaOKCJY,eIgyrJme8sLFmOn-1HrVCh10369cEts_K8I6cLCjBMkCome one come all!

A date for your diaries! Have you ever wanted to be able to handle yourself better? To be able to deal with a load of scenarios? Against one or more opponents?

Bushin may be for you! Tuesday 13th September we are holding a special class where we welcome anyone who is interested in answering those questions with trying out Bushin! The entire session will focus on giving you a taste of what we have to offer and if you guys are lucky, you might even see some cooler advanced stuff…!

So, stick it in your diaries, set reminders on your phone, 13th September! Be there!