Bushin – When & How To Finish The Fight

666Uf5iY9BgJL0Kix-15qzIM6efxMpLDeygqazsJi44,Jx6C2VoSrKAr5FGk8yYR3Mb3Gvvw_6Bg8ncwos2vAYE,qdji7k0UeG0KYfDjTIiVvXi4clrjfz1jyMXqkdiBN6oRecently, I have been thinking about how I could improve my odds at winning the fight by implementing simple, easy to practice ideas. I (like to) think that my punches and kicks are there or thereabouts, so it then became a case of strategy. As I had the opportunity to teach the class this week, I wanted to try and answer “When & How To Finish The Fight”. Continue reading