Grading – It’s All In The Mind…

Black belt gradingAfter last week’s advice from Sensei Cailey on the route you should take to ace your grading from a practice point of view, I thought I would add to it by sharing how I prepped for my gradings from the mental side. Ever since I started martial arts and gradings I have pretty much used the same approach. I basically drummed it into myself since my first grading in Shorinji Kempo about 10 years ago. Continue reading

Bushin Newsletter Issue 11 – Best Of The Best

Sensei Cailey 5th Dan GradingHi guys,

Issue 11 is now out! In this issue our very own Sensei Cailey gives his hints and tips on how to pass the imminent grading with flying colours! Link for the newsletter is below!


Bushin Newsletter Issue 11 – Best Of The Best



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Bushin – New Site Launch!

Hi all!updated background

I am very excited to announce that we have now launched our new look site! Please check it out!

The new site is aimed at pushing us into the 21st century by giving us a modern feel, making our site mobile friendly so you can easily access it on the go and most importantly, reflecting our art in the best light possible!