Bushin Newsletter Issue 10 – Drilling For Success

Bushin Martial Arts LondonHi guys,

Issue 10 is now out! In this issue Steve gives us his thoughts on how to best learn a technique from being a good partner by drilling. Also, as grading is not far off, we will start to focus on how we can best help you guys out with a good showing. If you have any questions or particular techniques you want us to look into, let me know or send us an email to info@bushin.co.uk. Link for the newsletter is below!


Bushin Newsletter Issue 10 – Drilling For Success


Bushin – Drill Training For Success

Drill training multiple attackersWhen you are first learning a technique it is important to drill it to burn the movement into your muscle memory. I find that the only way to do this is to perform the technique, with your partner, repeatedly until it becomes second nature. You can then progress to adding difficulty and then finally to “pressure testing” it by adding realistic resistance. Personally when training I like to practice being the best partner I can be. If you are a bad drilling partner then your partner will soon become frustrated with you and will be less inclined to play ball when it’s your turn to practice. Continue reading

Late Cancellation

Hi guys,

Apologies for the very late notice on the cancellation of class tonight. The centre suffered a power cut and had to close. We only found out at around 6.45pm or so of the situation and sent the messages out to alert you guys.

On which note, going forwards, please can you join our Facebook group or follow us on Twitter or ask Stephen to add you to our group on Whatsapp so we can reach you guys easily to avoid you making wasted trips out to the gym if the scenario happens again in the future.

Many thanks,



Bushin Newsletter Issue 9 – On Target Holding Pads

newsletter angled shot padsHi guys,

Issue 9 is now out! A busy issue this month with an article I hope will help you hold pads that will be beneficial to both yourself and your partner. Sensei Steve Wright has kindly invited us all along to his next kettlebell session (details below as well) and Sensei Cailey reminds us that the newcomer’s session is next Thursday so bring a friend!

Bushin Newsletter Issue 9 – On Target Holding Pads

Jay Continue reading

Bushin – On Target Holding Pads

In this article I would like to talk about the importance of holding pads correctly and how it benefits both parties. I personally rely quite heavily on having a partner who can hold the pads well. Not only do they feel great to hit, it also improves my form, accuracy, speed and power as a result. This means that in turn, I am very conscious of how I hold the pads for my partner. I want them to feel like I do when I hit with someone who knows what they are doing. Continue reading