Horrible Becomes Nasty

Busy class tonight…we looked at how easy it is to slot in a low kick behind a straight punch. Just a horrible way to inch ahead of your opponent. So to counter it we tried the fence with leg brace and crush-counter. Also horrible. Then we mixed horrible and horrible together to come up with devastating. Lovely way to fight….

Old Friends

We were blessed by greatness tonight as the wonderful Joseph Koniak came along to train. We started training together at 11 years old…the same age as his handsome son Kai is now. We trained for 20 years together all round the world, won titles and threw each around in mud, concrete and snow. Although I moved on to new pastures he’s still as close to a brother as a friend can be. Made a perfect addition to our Newcomers Night!


Newcomers Night – Tues 17th

IMG_3132.JPGOn Tuesday 17th February we are having a Newcomers Night to introduce Bushin and for you to try this great martial art. This will be for beginners and experienced artists alike and a perfect chance to give it a go. So if you want to have a good sweat, gain some streetfighting skills and have fun, then come along. To get the benefit of 30 years’ martial arts experience, all you have to do is get off the sofa, put your gym kit on and walk through the door. The rest is easy!

If you signed up for a free trial but didn’t manage to make it, then come along. Or if you did a free trial and want to have another try-out before signing up, then come along too!

As a special offer we are offering half price joining fees for those that sign up on the night! Also, don’t forget our normal Bring a Buddy offer – Bring a friend along and if they sign up you both get one month free – up to £60 each!. Bring your bank details (inc. bank address) in case you want to sign up and take up this great offer!

It will be at our usual spot – 8pm in Studio 2 (upstairs) at the Queen Mother Sports Centre.

Hope to see you there!

All Around the World

IMG_3154A busy session last night where we learnt that if you are relaxed in any position you have a much better chance of survival. We looked at working the atom and spider through stand-up, kneeling, sitting and lying. Just like BJJ rolling, its about keeping relaxed, calm and self-aware. That way you get less tired and, more importantly, increase your chance of success. After we destroyed our knees we went to the mats to work on ground n’ pound. Same principle but more pressure with a big hairy thug on top of you trying to pound your face. Hard but lots of fun!