Skill Expansion

Gentle expanding the skills as we put kick counters and combos into atomic defence. Nice to get the basics down first and then you can expand. Then onto grapple defences and armlocks. For groundwork we started with spider and began to probe deeper into ground n’ pound attack and defence. Pushing the boundaries further and further…

Fantastic Fighting

IMG_3132.JPGGreat skills, great energy and a great class. What more can I ask. Tonight we went through the new syllabus changes to yellow, working strike, atom, smoke and fence. Then putting it all together in the mix. Skills went up a massive notch. Bit of light 2-on-1 and then spider ground fighting to finish. Just all round great street combat. Hard, sweaty and fun!

Back with a Blast

Great to be back at it this week…albeit my flu is still causing me to breath like a pregnant hippo. We picked up where we left last year…working our atom defence, a bit of fence and today some smoke evasion and counter. Lots of panting as we tried to shake off the turkey sweats. More fun next week!

Atomic Defence

hLearn some street fighting skills, get fit and have a lot of fun. Training starts up on Tuesday – we are now back to our normal slot of 8pm in Studio 2 (upstairs).

Bushin continues to grow and improve as a great street fighting art. I’d like to introduce you to the atom. Come along and find out what it means. Its going to be a great year so get on board or miss out!

2015 – Climbing a Mountain?

mountainAkemshite Omedeto – Happy new year! A new year and a fresh start and I hope you all have a great and better year. As usual we follow the Japanese celebration of kagami biraki (“opening the mirror ceremony”), where you reflect on the past year and enter a new period of your life to try and achieve a perfect self-reflection.

How did you do for last year’s New Year resolutions? What about this year?

Firstly I’d like to say that 2014 was a sad year for me personally. Five people I know died. Three very young Bushin warriors, a great martial arts friend and an old school mate. Life is short, so make the most of it. Overall, the year was difficult and challenging with many peaks and troughs. Lots of pain but moments of elation.

In this year’s message I’d like to draw a distinction between “difficult” and “challenging”. They are very subjective phrases…as I always say, pain and difficulty is very personal. What might be difficult for one person, might be easy for another. However, the word challenging has become over-used in my opinion. It has become commonplace in business speak to soften language when a corporation is in financial trouble (e.g. “challenging market conditions”). In my view, the difference is not in the meaning of the word, but more in the psychology. Difficult has negative connotations and implies that you are not sure of the outcome. It feels like you are preparing your audience for your failure. Challenging, on the other hand, I think has positive connotations, where you hope to succeed or get through them. You are preparing your audience to pat you on the back regardless of the outcome. Even if you fail, you can hold your head up high that you gave it your best shot and learnt a lot from the journey.

Why have I brought this to your attention? There is no doubt that times are tough for many. The cost of living has risen and people are under pressure to work harder while maintaining a similar standard of life. Continual obstacles to overcome and mountains to climb. I hear the phrases a lot…”that was a difficult year”, ”next year will be tough” etc. However, I’d like to kick the year off by saying 2015 will be “challenging”. Personally, I expect a tough year but I’m prepared for it. I know there will be all kind of things thrown at me….but I don’t care. There will be solutions not problems, learning experiences and not pain and, most importantly, challenges not difficulties. Less spending power, more demanding personal life, injuries…whatever you got…bring it on!

In short, this year is going to be fantastic. How do I know? Because I believe it…will you join me?

We are back at it on Tues 6th Jan for our trademark turkey busting. Be there!