DL Xmas

DL Xmas 2014Batman, Jack Reacher and Wrath of the Titans all put a showing in tonight. A great last session to close the year where we did some basic Defence Lab stuff to pretend we were superheroes. Extreme close combat fighting at its finest where we rolled around in the fight zone breaking each other apart. Lots of sweat and lots of smiles. Photos to follow. Then we finished with Student of the Year awarded to Jason and thank you gifts to Stephen and Jason for helping out during the year. This year we finished up with a new closing ceremony where we drank some sake in circle after having said a word of reflection for 2014 and a word of promise for 2015. End of a great year…next year will be even better! Osu!

Tube Fighting

Small class tonight as Xmas and winter illness took effect. We continued with the cover-strike work but expanded into new scenarios : 2 vs 1, up against the wall, sitting down and on the tube. Real adrenaline rush and great to see the skills put into effect under pressure. Kneeling & on the ground on Thurs. Don’t miss out!