Fantastic Five

Bushin’s 5th Anniversary – What a fantastic night!

After donning black wristbands we began with a minutes silence to respect our fallen warriors Jolly and Salvo that unfortunately passed away this year. Sad to see such lovely people leaving us so soon.

The night was packed with fun and frolics, beginning with 2-on-1 tag to warm-up followed by some block n’ bash drills on the pads. Three simple drills to absorb attacks and tear your opponent in half. We then moved on to some advanced and dirty techniques based on a mix of Panantukan, Thai and Defence Lab. After dishing out some pain, we dropped into sparring as usual to show that not only do they work, they really hurt. We finished up with some pressure point work (appo in Japanese) – looking at the more “passive” control side before having a go at the “active” way to drop them into fighting. A perfect blend of sweat, smiles and bruises.

After a few dodgy photos, Fiona revealed her special Bushin chocolates, and then we migrated to Preto to replace all the blood in our bodies with meat. To finish the night, some rather disturbing cakes appeared with pictures of me on, which everyone took great delight in biting into.

What a great 5 years it’s been. The club has grown, the standard has improved and the style has got better. Last year, we had our first Summer Camp. This year we started a grappling class, got our first Black Belt and signed up our 100th member. After over 20 years of teaching I’ve never had a club which has been so successful in recruiting and training street fighters. A hugely rewarding experience.

A particularly thank you to Fiona for organising the event, Jason for being “uke”, plus Aeron for the great shots. Finally, thanks to everyone that has joined me on this great journey and all the wonderful support.
5th Anniversary

Five Times Better

Get ready for Bushin’s 5th Anniversary!! This Thursday at 7.30pm. Doing what we do best – fighting and eating. First we shall be having a special training session tapping into some of the advanced techniques and secrets of Bushin. Dirty boxing, pressure point strikes and even some internal energy work. After the session, we shall be going to our favourite restaurant Preto, the Brazilian steakhouse, where you eat till you explode.

Free for members, £20 for non-members.

See you then!

So it Begins

Grading practise began in earnest tonight. Nice to see a full class with everyone beavering away. Make sure you take notes, look at the YouTube vids, practise at home and ask questions of anything you’re not sure of. The more you read, think about it and practise, the better you will be. One month to go so work hard and you’ll breeze through. Good luck!