Back from Japan

Osu! Back from my annual holiday in Japan…a chance to catch up with family and rest the aching limbs. Too much over eating but nice to get the running legs on the road and breathe some country air. Thanks a lot to Jason, Fiona and Stephen for running the class in my absence. Sounds like they did a great job of putting everyone through their paces.

I’ll be sorting out the next grading date in the coming week…likely to be in October some time so plenty of time to thrash through the syllabus for those that want to progress to the next level. I’ll also review the Sunday class again later in the month.

Be back at it on Tuesday ready to get a sweat on!

Snap, Crackle, Pop

That’s the sound of everyone’s elbow as we worked the Bushin armpit armbar, better known as gatame. First off an outside block and counter punch, then off a grab. The trick is to stick it under the armpit and sink your weight into it before stepping in. If you get it right with the pin and body twist it hurts like hell. Once you have it you can put it anywhere…clinch, punch, trap, hubud, groundwork. Snap, crackle, pop. Lovely stuff. Also welcome to Alessandro and Hassan that signed up tonight.

MMA Magic

Fantastic inroads made today at the MMA seminar. We trailed a roadmap working all the way from long distance fighting through to close quarter, clinch and groundwork. Keeping it simple and working on tight guard and positioning rather than hundreds of techniques. Gentle pace, low injury and lots of skill level jumps. Great to see the whole game at work through the sweat and tired limbs. No better way to finish than 30 mins of seiho. Lovely stuff.

Old Faces, New Tricks

20140805-224904-82144033.jpg20140805-224903-82143917.jpgWhat a great evening. Old hand Isaac came back from Uni and Aeron came back to show us that when partnered with Jay they can still break each other. We worked hard on integrating the 4D guard into over/underhook, pummelling then locks, breaks and throws. Then to finish Jason got a embroidered black belt as a memento and got to kick me in the head as a reward for all his hard work. Great stuff.

Summer Seminar – MMA Workshop

Stand-upThe Summer Seminar is on! An MMA workshop where we shall work on the integration between stand-up fighting, close quarter clinch & grappling, takedowns and groundwork. The complete fighting system. I shall be trialing an MMA Roadmap, an essential diagram so you know where you are in the fight and what you should be doing. Will open your eyes to the fight game and be loads of fun. Time to level up.

Sunday 10th August, 2-7pm in Cobra Gym. £30.

Don’t miss it!