Grappling Seminar

Grappling & GroundworkGrappling Seminar this Thursday 7.30-9.30pm (Studio 1/Cobra Gym).

We shall work the whole grappling system from stand-up clinch/pummelling, through takedowns to groundwork. Lots to learn and a great complimentary skill-set to stand-up fighting. Its going to be sweaty so bring a spare top. If you fancy a cuddle then come along!


Nice relaxed session tonight. Smaller group so a good chance to practise a fixed guard in the trading zone (aka Bob Breen’s 4D system)…then adapting to strikes, clinches and finally knife defence. Lots of techniques start to come out when you are playing a higher percentage game. Finished off with half guard passes in groundwork. Cutting edge!

Three’s the Magic Number

Congratulations to those that graded tonight! A smaller grading than usual due to some late injuries but no skimping on the standard. Another gutsy performance from the Yellow I’s, successfully demonstrating that pain is just weakness leaving the body. Oli showed a marked improvement in getting his first grading under his belt. Hopefully the first of many. As a treat we finished off the class by going through all the Blue I ground-based locks. Well done all and keep up the good work!

Chains & Side Kicks

Who would have thought chain punches (kusari zuki) and side kicks would have made for a good lesson! Having a split vote on what to work on, we ended up doing both. Smashing in and straight blasting like a machine gun or thundering a kick under the guard to slice them in two. Was great fun and everyone was surprisingly good. Some effective tricks of the trade I’ve learnt and adapted from Wing Chun and Taekwondo over the years. More to follow so watch this space…