Stephen’s Session

Stephen’s last session before going under the knife. His choice (of course) involved grappling, grappling and a bit more grappling. Moving from stand up pummelling to back mount and rear naked chokes to finish. Hopefully his op will be less painful. Massive thank you to Stephen for helping out with the class and helping people through their gradings. Best of luck tomorrow and look forward to seeing you back fighting soon!

Easter Bunny

Only the hardcore pre-Easter bunnies came tonight so a smaller class. To prep for copious amounts of chocolate we did 3 rounds jab sparring, 3 rounds close quarter boxing and 3 rounds boxing. Then an hour of grappling with 3 rounds from mount and 2 rounds free sparring. Cramps, sweat and near death. Nuff said!

Slash & Stab

Lot of peps away so we focused on knife for the weapons seminar. Some basic drills followed by angle 1 & 2 blocks, counters, flow drills and takedown to lock. We focused on immobilising the weapon/hand and of course chain punching at every opportunity. Moments of brilliance. Then the usual street sparring games and a round of king of the hill to finish. Skills levels are beginning to come up in the grappling as we worked through some standing guard passes, so a nice night all round.