Chop, Bash, Smash

Nice class today where we spent a lot of time on different types of striking: knife hands, forearms, back fists and, my favourite, hammers. Looking at ways to apply them into defensive counters, boxing, grappling and of course the brutal art of Filipino dirty boxing (panantukan). Then a 45 mins roll on the mats to make sure the cramps really set in well. Lovely.

Yellows & Greens

Grading 2014-03Congratulations to all that passed the grading today. One new green II, one new green, three new yellows and one white II. Not rugby team colours but a great group of fighters. Some dubious techniques in places but over the standard was high. A special mention must be made of the new yellows: Angela, Casey & Dean that put in one of the best white II gradings we’ve ever had. Some really good improvisation and individualism around the techniques. Looking the part and showing skill and aggression under pressure. A good example that practise pays off and if you work hard, your standard jumps. In my view, they are setting a new level and will be the group to challenge the seniors. Watch this space!